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Nano-KDF Shower Head
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Tuesday, 14 June 2011 13:30

Nano-KDF Shower Head

Concept 520's Nano-KDF Shower Head filter is fitted with a new filtration system that utilizes Nano Technology called Nano-Metal Clusters media (NMC media) that comes in the form of tourmaline bio-ceramic balls.

Bio-ceramic is made from 26 kinds of ceramic with various mineral oxides and is capable of emitting FIR (far-infrared rays).

FIR has been proven by scientists to promote the growth and health of living cells especially in human beings. It ionizes and activates the water molecules in our blood cells which improves our blood circulation and health condition.

The filtered water through the Concept 520's Nano-KDF Shower Head also assist to restore health, natural softness to your hair, scalps and skin.

Tourmaline Ceramic Ball
  • Releases Negative ions into the water
  • Emits far infrared rays and activates the water molecules
  • Make water cluster smaller
  • Rich in mineral and micro-elements

Nano-metal cluster media (Nano-KDF)
  • Highly efficently removes chlorine residues
  • Decreases concentration of disinfection by products
  • Efficiently removes soluble heavy ions in water such as Pb2, Cd2, Cr5, As3+, etc
  • Decreases organix pollutants
  • Eliminate odours
  • Efficiently removes bacteria and micro-organic

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Technical Data:

Height: 25.5cm
Shower Head Dimensions: 8 cm
Shower Head Joint( outlet size): 1.27cm (1/2”)
Material: Tourmaline ceramic Balls , Nano-Metal Clusters Media( Nano- KDF), ABS Transparent Plastic

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