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ION Scale Buster
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Monday, 13 June 2011 14:38

ION ScaleBuster®

The ION ScaleBuster® can tackle a far greater range of applications than most water conditioners. Although the ION ScaleBuster® is principally used to prevent and remove corrosion and hard water scales, because of it’s ISB Technology functions, it can be used to help solve the following problems.

  • Reduction or even replacement of hardness stabilizers and corrosions preventers (eg. phosphate dosing and water softeners.)
  • Longer maintenance intervals for heat-exchangers, extrusions and injection moulding machines, autoclave systems, induction coolers, circulation and vacuum pumps.
  • Reduction of scales in pipes works.
  • Reduction of corrosion in galvanized / non-galvanized steel pipe works.
  • Provide savings for pipe works and service maintenance.

The ION ScaleBuster is:

  • Self cleaning and maintenance free
  • Prevents and removes scale and corrosion
  • Handles total water systems
  • Suitable for hard and soft water
  • Operates without the use of chemicals, magnets or electricity


  • Homes / Apartments
  • Hospitals / Schools / Factories
  • Commercial Buildings / Offices

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Technical Data:

Size from ½” - 8”

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