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Nano Tech Bio Energy Water System
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Monday, 13 June 2011 10:12

Nano Tech Bio Energy Water System

NANO TECHNOLOGY Bio Energy Water System is the latest breakthrough in life science. It is culmination of the research on NANO TECHNOLOGY by American scientists. This NANO TECHNOLOGY combined with Bio Energy converter can effectively break "water molecule clusters", making it easier to be absorbed by our body. This in turn helps remove toxins from our body therefore improving health. Our NANO TECHNOLGY Bio Energy Water System is developed based on this Modern Technology.

Our Nano Technology Bio Energy Water System follow the natural mineral spring water principle, using natural minerals and high grade activated carbon for the best taste and quality.

Product Filter System

With this advanced technology, its revolutionary 6 – filter design not only provides the cleanest, purest water around, but also conditions the water for your day to day usage such as drinking, washing and cooking.

Filter A - Ceramic The absolutely dense distribution of pores measuring less than 0.9 micron in pore size ensures that 99.999% of the impurities like sand, silt, dirt, rust and bacteria are filtered. Filter B - High Grade Sand + Activated Carbon Filer Removes residual chlorine colors, unpleasant odours, THMS, detergent, organic compound. Chemicals and other undesired elements to prevent bacterial growth.
Filter C - Silver Carbon Block + High Density Activated Carbon A compressed granulated form of high absorption function. Absorbs or removes heavy metals, radioactive substances, harmful chemicals and pesticides. Filter D - KDF + Mineral Stone + Resin KDF metal (conforms to US EPA and FDA National Safety Standard) to remove heavy metals and chlorine chemical contaminants, and controls scale, bacteria and algae. Resin softer water molecules and has mineralization effect. Water is hard when it contains minerals like magnesium and calcium. Water is softened or conditioned by replacing magnesium and calcium with softer sodium or potassium ions. Preserves colour and flavour of food.
Filter E - Bio-ceramic with Magnetizer Bio energy with far infrared rays and natural magnetizer makes smaller water molecule clusters and vital energy of water activities and making it easier to be absorbed by our body. Filter F - Nano ceramic ball + Bio-micro ball Advanced energy stabilizer with NANO TECHNOLOGY to enhance and stablilize energyin the water by breaking the water molecules into smaller clusters. Additionally, it regulates alkalinity in the water to promote metabolism, enhance the immune system and detoxifies the body.

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Product Test Report

Technical Data:

  • Output approx: 4L/mim
  • Maximum flow: 0.75-1.0 GPM
  • Maximum temp: 100ºF ≈ 46ºC
  • Maximum pressure: 125 p.s.l.
  • Dimensions: 29x20x35cm
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